About Systemaris

I am Santi: engineer, software developer, techno-optimist, skeptic, wine and cheese aficionado. I write about systems, technology, and epistemology (philosophy of knowledge)... and whatever I find interesting.

Some of the things I believe:

  • Systemism is underrated and underexplored. It has enormous potential for helping us to understand and improve the world.
  • Truth matters. False beliefs are harmful.
  • One of the main problems of humanity is equating work and value.
  • We are only scratching the surface of what the internet will do.
  • The internet is a positive force for the world, but we ought to do better in harnessing its power.
  • Skepticism leads to wisdom. If we think we know the answers, we stop looking for them.
  • We should be radical in thought and sensible in action.