Enhance your website and content so that people find and adore your company

Your website is the only digital platform you rule. It makes a first impression hard to shake off. Yet, many companies waste it.
Systemaris helps companies get leads and turn them into loyal customers through content marketing and user experience design.

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Picture this...

You are in the mood for coffee and you wonder: "What is the best coffee seed?". You Google that.

You skim some terrible blog posts until you find an excellent article on a coffee company's website.

Not only does it answer your question, but it is also clear and fun to read. The website looks friendly and works well.

And they deliver the coffee you want within a day.

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Invest in the website you need

I make your website work well and look nice.

By making it clear, practical, and pleasing, you make life easier for your customers, so they are more likely to trust your brand.

But how do you get them to visit?...

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Get visitors who engage

I help you improve your Google rank through quality content. No hacky SEO tricks required.

Cheaper and more valuable than running ads. Your customers will enjoy and share what you create.

Gather results and get insights

I implement and analyze metrics using Google Analytics. Then, I discover what works best.

Get to know what your customers want and increase sales.

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My name is Santiago MagariƱos, but people call me Santi. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Systemaris is my solo marketing agency. I help companies make the best of their website and content.

I speak English and Spanish.

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Digital Consulting

I help companies optimize their website and content, using content marketing and UX design.

Website Development

  • Custom website / landing page

  • CMS (Content Management System) integration, which allows you to manage content without coding. (Optional but recommended)

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Content Strategy

I measure and improve engagement and conversions using:

  • SEO

  • A/B testing

  • Metric analysis

  • Copywriting

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Let's talk


Please reach out to santi@systemaris.com.

I reply within a business day.